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    Digital Age Marketing Workbook for Small Businesses 
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Gaithersburg Book Festival

May 16, 2015
10am – 6pm
Gaithersburg City Hall Grounds


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Digital Age Marketing

Feeling overwhelmed by the speed of digital? Learn the skills you need to keep up and to chart a winning course in the digital surf.

Digital Age Marketing

This entry-level course covers:

  • Branding,
  • Marketing terms,
  • Domain names,
  • Internet tools and resources,
  • Approach,
  • Strategic planning.

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Digital Age Marketing: A Practical Workbook for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The Digital Age offers entrepreneurs and small businesses unparalleled, direct access to consumers and has leveled the playing field between small and big business in terms of reach versus cost. But the possibilities are overwhelming and the techniques necessary to capitalize on this reach are specialized and confusing. This book demystifies marketing in the Digital Age - the possibilities and the possesses. It helps you identify which places to concentrate your efforts, and teach you how to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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What People are Saying

"Thank you for a great class. It was refreshingly honest and blunt - I learned to add a little more of both to my approach to writing and marketing. I'll keep my eye out for more of your classes."

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