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I write nonfiction, poetry, and fiction in genres including fantasy, science-fiction, and historical fiction. My current project is a YA entitled Song of the Lost Clan.

This site contains pictures, articles, short stories, and poems about a wide range of topics.

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My Books

Song of the Lost Clan
Song of the Lost Clan is a young adult novel that has been described as Watership Down meets Lord of the Flies only about elephants. It's a version of events told from the elephants' point of view.

Coming Soon.

Visit the Song of the Lost Clan Website.

Digital Age Marketing: A Practical Workbook for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs by Angela RenderDigital Age Marketing: A Practical Workbook for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
This book demystifies marketing in the Digital Age - the possibilities and the possesses. It helps you identify which places to concentrate your efforts, and teach you how to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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What Does Edgy Mean in YA?


This series was inspired by a comment from my agent. He’d been shopping around my novel, Song of the Lost Clan with positive feedback, but no sale. The time had come for a conversation on how to make it a better fit into either a Mid-Grade (MG) market or possibly a Young Adult (YA) market. The comment that inspired this series was that in order for my novel to appeal to a YA market, it needed to be “edgier.”


The Gathering – A Song From the Lost Clan


Another song sung by the elephants in my MG novel, Song of the Lost Clan. I compiled this one into a graphic that you can check out here.

The Gathering
(chanted in a perfect fourth)
March ahead, march ahead, ….

Step by step.
Mile by mile.
We make our way along trails in style.


Latest Article: Can Elephants Get Drunk?


Check out my article on intoxicated pachyderms. (Can Elephants Get Drunk?)


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