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Have you ever received a rejection letter with the kind printed words at the top, “I just wasn’t in love with it?” Ever wonder what the agent or editor meant? Experienced and successful agents and editors know that they are going to have to defend your work to a whole serious of people. They are looking at months and even years of infusing other people with equal enthusiasm for your project: senior editor, vice president, president, accounting department. Then, when the book was finally in print, they have to go to bat for you again with the sales department and infect them with enough zeal for your book that they make the purchasing agents for libraries and bookstores want to carry your book.

In the world of publishing, successful books come from publishing houses that are passionate about them. That passion doesn’t come from an agent discovering a reclusive and sedate unknown author or an editor nurturing them to stardom. That excitement and drive came from the author first.

Being in love with your product isn’t exclusive to the publishing industry. According to multichannel marketing expert, Monica C. Smith of Marketsmith, Inc., “…loving your brand makes you want to get up in the morning and face the day, whether it is a good time or not. It means that you care deeply about those who touch your brand—employees, customers, vendors and suppliers….You know a Brand that is working when you hear someone say, ‘I love my Iphone,’ or, ‘I love the Mac customer service,’ or, ‘Nothing beats the GeekSquad…'” (“Loving Your Brand” The Difference, April 2, 2008 )

The process of creating a book or even a poem or short story can often be painful and frustrating. There may be times when you fall out of love with your work. When that happens don’t push to get the manuscript into print. Let it sit in a drawer for a month or two and gain some perspective. Then re-read it and fall in love all over again. Only when your passion is back should try and market it.

What tricks do you use to keep your spirits up?

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