Use Citrix Goto Meeting Software to Build a Marketing Package

It’s so rare when a technical difficulty yields a positive result. This was the case with a recent class I conducted for writers on building a blog. My search for a way to complete the class led me to a product that was no only capable of facilitating the completion of the class, but has the capacity to create an audio/visual package that I will be able to sell later.

Citrix GoTo MeetingWhen an internet connection was not robust enough to support my class, we were forced to abort it. I set about looking for a way to complete the class without re-scheduling it in the same location. My search led me to a marvelous service that has been around in the business world for years. Citrix has a service called GoTo Meeting in which you can host a webinar (web based seminar) from the comfort of your own computer. I’d attended webinars before and I knew that the technology was out there to conduct a teleconference with images. I didn’t think I could afford it for this emergency situation. Citrix provided a 30 day free trial and I am sold on this product.

GoTo Meeting was fast and easy to install and arranging the meeting was so easy I wondered if I had missed something. My students dialed into the conference call and logged into the Citrix hosted website. I was able to toggle the software so that my students could see my screen as I worked it, down to the last mouse-movement. This allowed them to look over my shoulder and I was able to guide them through the set-up of their own blogs.

GoTo Meeting also had an easy recording feature. It was this recording feature that sparked my interest. For speakers, the best way to capitalize on an audience is to have a package to sell at the end of a presentation. This package could be a book, workbook, CD or DVD. The problem for those starting out is creating this package. That’s where GoTo Meeting comes in. You can set up a webinar and invite only yourself, or maybe a few people with scripted questions and you can record a presentation which you can later sell. If you’re more experienced and daring than I am, you can simply host a live webinar and record that. You can record teleconferences too, but if you have images that you want to marry with your words, GoTo Meeting is clearly the way to go.

In my case, my other classes all had PowerPoint slide shows that went with them. GoTo Meeting will allow me to record those presentations and package the recordings for future sale, or for use as demos to get bigger and better gigs. At $50/mo, it’s a cost-effective method of creating an audio/visual product.

My one gripe with Citrix is that it is a monthly subscription service. As such, it’s a bit costly for something that might be used once a year. I’d like to see an on-demand option for us small business guys. As it stands, turning it on and off when needed is the only option. I like to support good products and I recommend this one highly.

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