Website Template Software: What Is Your Favorite Package?

Sample Website TemplateMany of my students keep asking about website template software. I need some help. I’m a programmer. I know what websites can and should look like. My criteria for “good” templates is different from someone who would actually use one.

One of my clients was having problems customizing her Network Solutions template and hired me to do it for her. I couldn’t do it and found the interface very convoluted and frustrating. I’m pretty sure the color customization she wanted was simply not possible. I can’t imagine that those templates were designed with average people in mind. We decided that her intent for the web presence was more conducive to a blog and set her up with a custom look on WordPress…easily.

Another potential client was having issues customizing a template on Mambo. After looking into it, only some some of her requested changes are possible. This too is incredibly frustrating for me, someone who programs custom sites all the time.

A student in my recent Websites for Beginners class said that she liked the templates she found on her ISP, Comcast, though we didn’t have time to go into what she liked about them.

So I’m asking for your help. For any of you using a template site or service, which ones would you recommend and why do you like them? Or, conversely, which ones do you not like and why?

Thanks for your help.

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