March has a lot of Crazy Obervances for Writers

Recent developments in my social networking efforts on behalf of my clients have sent me scrounging for timely topics on a wide variety of things. I found this marvelous resource when I was keeping Smithsonian Magazine’s Kids’ Castle (sadly now gone away) up to date. Brownielocks keeps a complete list of crazy holidays and observances that she somehow verifies as legit. While sorting through them for my various clients, I started a list for myself of all the writing-related days. Some are specifically for writers and some I just thought useful for writers. Here’s my personal list:


  • Humorists are Artists Month
  • Youth Art Month
  • 1-7 National Ghostwriters Week
  • 1-5 Newspaper Education Week
  • 1-7 Return Borrowed Books Week
  • 7-13 National Words Matter Week
  • 7-13 Read an E-Book Week
  • 22-28 World Fold Tales and Fables Week
  • 2 NEA’s Read Across America Day
  • 4 National Grammar Day
  • 7 National Be Heard Day
  • 8 Girls Write Now Day
  • 10 International Day of Awesomeness *my personal favorite this month*
  • 11 Dream 2010 Day
  • 13 Genealogy Day
  • 16 Freedom of Information Day
  • 17 International Ask a Question Day
  • 30 Pencil Day

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