Dragon*Con Schedule

Well, as all the tracks are happy to repeat, it’s as close to a schedule as I can manage, given that anything can change at a moment’s notice from the con.

I also have to let you know that Atlanta has forbidden anyone in the parade to hand out anything, so if you intend to catch up with me there, I’ll have to give you your prize either before or after. I do not want Dragon*Con to get into trouble with Atlanta!


Day Time Event Location Costume Planned
Thursday 8pm Girls of the Con/ Men of the Con Meet and Greet Trader Vic’s – Atlanta Hilton Don’t know yet.
Friday 10pm True Blood Actors Centennial I&II Aurora
Friday 2:30pm Voice Acting or Intro to Robotics Hilt 204 or Hilt 208-209 Aurora
Saturday 10pm Dragon*Con Parade Westin Annie Oakley
Saturday 1pm Superhero World Record Attempt Westin Aurora
Saturday 4pm Firefly Guests Hayatt Centennial II-III Browncoat (though I don’t have a brown coat exactly)
Saturday 5:30pm Everquest II Sheraton – Savannah Room Browncoat
Saturday 7pm Screening of "Browncoat’s Redemption" Westin – Peachtree Ballroom Browncoat
Saturday 10pm Love Rots (Zombie Erotica) Mont/Van Browncoat
Saturday 11pm Mighty Fine Shindig Westin – Peachtree Ballroom (A-F) Browncoat
Sunday 11:30am Discussion with the Tams Westin –  Peachtree Ballroom (A-F) Don’t know yet.
Sunday 8:30pm Beast Within – Shapeshifters Cairo Don’t know yet.
Sunday 9:30pm The Grand Pirate and Time Traveler’s Ball Westin Annie Oakley

I know this leaves a lot up in the air, but not all the tracks I’m interested in have posted yet and I do want a little time to myself..to be spontaneous…yeah, that’s it. Spontaneous!

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