My Article on Analyzing Web Traffic Statistics in Writer’s Journal

Writers JournalThe January/February issue of Writer’s Journal is on the stands. Check out this month’s Computer Business column for tips on gathering your site’s traffic, understanding the numbers, and deciding what to do with them.


“So now that you’ve been putting the last two years of my sage advice to good use, you should have a nice volume of juicy content and a few good friends who pass it around. Whether you’re receiving a lot of likes and valid comments or not, you really need to take a look at who visits your site, how often, and what they look at while they’re there.

If you’re using a hosted blog platform like TypePad or, your traffic statistics are already being collected for you and you can skip down to the “Reading Web Statistics” segment of the article. For the rest of you, let’s take a look at what’s available to you.”

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