QR Codes for Writers: Look for My Article in Writer’s Journal

Writers JournalPick up the September/October issue of Writer’s Journal and check out my article on QR codes (“QR Codes: A Marketer’s Fantasy Come True”).

Here’s a sneak-peak:

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably already encountered QR (quick response) codes. If you haven’t seen these ink-blot-style bar codes yet, you will shortly. Every marketing company is scrambling to incorporate these things into their print advertising campaigns. Macy’s has already put them in their stores; Starbucks has used them to offer coupons for free coffee, and there will be hundreds of others before this article reaches print.

Discover the answers to these questions:
What are QR codes?
What can QR’s do?
What does this mean for writers?
How can you get started with QRs?
What are the drawbacks?

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