Advertising Ploys Going Too Far?

SPAM in my snail mail box—what most people call “junk mail.” Unsolicited marketing messages from companies I have no relationship with. Most of the time I do what the majority of people do and that is sort through my mail over the recycling bin. Yesterday, however, I saved a piece because it’s pandering was so over-the-top it floored me.

Have a look at the picture. Gerber Life Insurance used a stock photo of a baby. They added a thought bubble for him that reads, “You love me, right?” Under the baby is says, “Do something today to show your love now…and for years to come.”

Really? People can be guilted into buying life insurance this way? It doesn’t take a genius to see them trying to tug every string a parent has: no subtly here.

It put me in mind of stand-up comedian Ron White’s bit about truth in advertising when he interpreted the slogan, “Diamonds: Render Her Speechless,” to mean “Diamonds: That’ll Shut Her Up.”

What I want to know is what you’re seeing in your mail box. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Share with me your best of the worst advertising messages in your mail. Facebook, comment here, email me, however you wish. Snap a picture and send it with your feelings.

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