Songs from the Lost Clan


Check out my latest song. Or more to the point, the elephant character Baingana’s song.

Burbling, gurgling water at play,
Where have you come? Somewhere far and away?

Trickling happily over the moss,
Do you murmur of places that we have lost?

If I walked up a path on your wandering course,
Would I find a lost father or aunt at your source?

Cascading over and under you scurry,
Where is it you travel to leave in a hurry?

If I whispered a message to family afar,
Would it find its way to them? Do you know where they are?

Do you carry the memory of places you witness?
Or is memory liquid forgetfulness?

Run along little stream as my song fades away,
May your travels be pleasant through night and through day.


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