• Forever My Friend – From Song of the Lost Clan


    Today is Poet’s Day! Check out the latest song from my novel, Song of the Lost Clan.

  • What Does Edgy Mean in YA? Part II: The Evolution of Edgy


    After coming up with a working concept of what YA market-speak “edgy” meant, I went back to my observations regarding the books I read as a young adult—back when we walked a mile to school in six feet of snow uphill both ways—and those now available to my daughter.

  • The Cicadas Are Coming – Poem Song


    A fun little song inspired by the empty cicada shell left grasping the tree trunk. I remember playing with those things as a kid and who can ever forget the unique sound they make. Enjoy!

  • What Does Edgy Mean in YA?


    This series was inspired by a comment from my agent. He’d been shopping around my novel, Song of the Lost Clan with positive feedback, but no sale. The time had come for a conversation on how to make it a better fit into either a Mid-Grade (MG) market or possibly a Young Adult (YA) market. The comment that inspired this series was that in order for my novel to appeal to a YA market, it needed to be “edgier.”

  • The Gathering – A Song From the Lost Clan


    Another song sung by the elephants in my MG novel, Song of the Lost Clan. I compiled this one into a graphic that you can check out here.

    The Gathering
    (chanted in a perfect fourth)
    March ahead, march ahead, ….

    Step by step.
    Mile by mile.
    We make our way along trails in style.

  • Latest Article: Can Elephants Get Drunk?


    Check out my article on intoxicated pachyderms. (Can Elephants Get Drunk?)

  • Songs from the Lost Clan


    Check out my latest song. Or more to the point, the elephant character Baingana’s song.

    Burbling, gurgling water at play,
    Where have you come? Somewhere far and away?

    Trickling happily over the moss,
    Do you murmur of places that we have lost?…

  • Jakalope Art


    Here’s my latest compilation art using PhotoShop and free images. I added a quote from one of my yet to be published novels, Return of the Warrior-Mage. Enjoy!

  • Homecoming Song


    From Song of the Lost Clan. Check out my poem from my YA novel, Song of the Lost Clan.

  • A Lyrics Poem for Cancer Patients


    Cancer treatment is a roller coaster of hope and despair; excitement and dread; and a lot of pain. Here’s a poem compiled of some select song lyrics that I found particularly appropriate at various times during my treatment (diagnosis, medical prep, chemo, surgery, radiation, recovery). Can you name all 14 songs? What songs have helped you through the process?