Join Me at the 2016 BTO Writer’s Conference

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Save the Date!
March 12, 2016
Join me at the 19th Annual Bay to Ocean Writer’s Conference where I’ll be presenting:

Blogs with Patina: What You Need to Know About Evolving Technologies
Blogging for non-technical people has been around for nearly twenty years. During that time some technologies and attitudes have changed while others have remained constant. In this session, we’ll go over which aspects of blogging need to be dusted off and polished up and which need to be preserved with that antique patina. We’ll also develop strategies to carry your blog into the future.

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Authors Become Passionate About Your Work

Friday, August 22, 2008

Your Marketing Success Depends on You

Have you ever received a rejection letter with the kind printed words at the top, “I just wasn’t in love with it?” Ever wonder what the agent or editor meant? Experienced and successful agents and editors know that they are going to have to defend your work to a whole serious of people. They are looking at months and even years of infusing other people with equal enthusiasm for your project: senior editor, vice president, president, accounting department. Then, when the book was finally in print, they have to go to bat for you again with the sales department and infect them with enough zeal for your book that they make the purchasing agents for libraries and bookstores want to carry your book.

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